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The 5 Greatest Bluetooth Gaming Mouse of 2020

Bluetooth gaming has markedly improved over the previous decades, with producers discovering new approaches to decrease latency and reliability when using wireless technology. A good deal of gaming mice are now wireless and extend excellent performance for the very aggressive gamers. Obviously, the way the mouse feels in your hand remains among the main factors when it comes to creating your pick. The button configuration may also matter if you are playing FPS games would like something with a lot of side buttons for playing MMOs.

We have reviewed over 60 wireless mice up to now, and below are our recommendations for the most excellent wireless gaming mouse. Check our recommendations to the finest mice, the very best mice for MMOs, the most effective cheap gaming mice, and also the best gaming mice too.

Best Bluetooth Gaming Mouse: Razer Viper Ultimate

The most exceptional wireless gaming mouse which we have reviewed thus far is that the Razer Viper Ultimate. This mouse has excellent performance and incredibly low latency, whether employed wirelessly or wired. Its layout is quite well-built and is acceptable for many hand sizes and traction fashions. It seems comfortable in hand and responds very well to quick movements.

This mouse has a rather broad CPI range, which you may readily fine-tune within the Synapse Software. The cursor movement feels fluid, and you will find two buttons on each side of the mouse, which sits flush with the mouse. If you would like to use it wired, then the cable is an excellent improvement over preceding Razer mice. It seems lightweight and does not create too much drag when moving around the mouse.

But for the very best wireless gaming mouse, it may be considered rather modest, and it will not be suitable for big hands that prefer a hands-on grip. On the flip side, it includes a beautiful RGB charging dock that functions as a receiver disk drive. Here really is the best wireless gaming mouse accessible at the moment and should please many folks. You could even have a look at its principal rival, the Logitech G Pro Wireless, which can be a fantastic wireless gaming mouse too.


If you are more of a palm grip consumer, then attempt an ergo-shaped mouse such as the Razer Basilisk Ultimate. This mouse features a more compact design and is acceptable for individuals with larger hands. It is quite comfy to hold thanks for the rubberized thumb remaining side, although this implies it is not really intended for left-handed men and women. Additionally, the scroll wheel comprises a tilt input signal, which may be customized within the Razer Synapse program. The mouse feels well-built and contains RGB light on either the Razer logo along with the scroll wheel.

If you want a smaller and lighter mouse using an ambidextrous design, get the Viper Ultimate, but if you’d like a more ergonomic mouse using a thumb break and much more programmable buttons, then head to your Basilisk Ultimate.

Best Bluetooth Gaming Mouse For MMOs: Logitech G604 Lightspeed

Why is this mouse great for gambling is that the several buttons contained on both side? The six side switches are in reality so well camouflaged that it seems more like a workplace mouse compared to a gambling one. It’s an ergonomic design that feels comfortable to maintain because of its thumb rest, and it can be essential for all those lengthy MMO gaming sessions. Additionally, the rubbery grips assist and give you great control over the mouse.

It’s a vast flexible CPI range so you can fine-tune it into a taste within Logitech’s superb G HUB applications, which can be found on both macOS in addition to Windows. It’s six side switches and two extra ones around the left-click button, giving you a total of 15 programmable input signal, including the scroll wheel tilt input signal, and it is much to get a mouse.

Even though the buttons on both sides are helpful for gambling, you will find numerous that some could be rather difficult to reach and media. The Logitech is also rather heavy. But it remains decently mobile because of it being wireless along with the fact that it can store the receiver in the mouse. It’s powered with one AA battery rather than someone, although Logitech asserts one AA will get you about 240 hours of usage. In general, this mouse is an outstanding selection for MMO gambling if you would like to ditch wires altogether.


This mouse feels unbelievably well-built and durable. But, it will lack the typical side layout but also makes up for this with its incredible performance. It’s quite broad and is very good for palm grip customers, though it may be too large for individuals with smaller hands. You can also easily control its functionality and RGB lighting configurations within the ROG Armoury two applications.

If you’d like a milder MMO wireless gaming mouse using more conventional side buttons, then get the Logitech, but if you have bigger hands, the enormous ASUS may be a better choice.

Best Budget Bluetooth Gaming Mouse: Logitech G305

The most exceptional wireless gaming mouse for all those on a tight budget which we have analyzed so far is your Logitech G305. This sleek-looking gaming mouse features a minimalist and straight-forward design with a shallow profile, which makes it well-suited for individuals with little or darkened palms with any traction kind.

The operation of the mouse is excellent, with a wide adjustable CPI variety, and quite a low click latency. You will find two additional unwanted switches, and all six buttons on the mouse could be reprogrammed within Logitech’s superb G HUB applications, which is entirely compatible with the two macOS and Windows.

Unfortunately, whilst G HUB allows us to get a whole lot of customization options, this mouse does not contain any RGB lighting, which might be a disappointment to some. Furthermore, if you have larger hands, your pinky finger might need to rest on the side awkwardly. It depends on a single AA battery for electricity, rather than being pumped via USB like a number of wireless choices. When this usually means you are going to need to swap the battery out, it may be convenient in case your battery dies in the midst of a gambling session, and also you do not like using your mouse wired.

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Our recommendations above are what we believe are currently the most effective wireless gaming mice for many people. We are variable in the cost (a less costly mouse wins more than a more pricey one if the distinction is not worthwhile ), comments from our customers, and accessibility (no mice that are tough to discover or nearly out of stock everywhere).

If you’d like to perform the job of picking yourself, then here is the listing of our reviews of mice. Be cautious to not get overly involved in the information. While no mouse is ideal for each and every usage, many mice are good enough to please nearly everybody, and the gaps are often not evident unless you look for them.

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