Steel Series Sensei 310


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  • Shaped for lefties and righties alike.
  • Attractive, solid design, yet lightweight.
  • Support for acceleration, deceleration, angle snapping.
  • Hair-trigger Omron switches along with the great optical sensor.

The Sensei 310 is an ambidextrous gaming mouse which SteelSeries hopes will triumph over specialist players. It’s amazingly lightweight, comfortable to use and, above all, it works excellently across all applications and games.

It is not without its defects, however. Build quality is not the most lavish in the hand, and the program is definitely lagging behind crucial competitions. But small quibbles aside, the Sensei 310 is your best gaming mouse I have analyzed this year.

Design, build and attributes.

The Sensei shares all its DNA with the Rival 310 — and that is no bad thing. There is the exact same 12,000 DPI TrueMove optical sensor working beneath the hood, using similar construct substances forming the ultra-light frame of the mouse. The Sensei is different in shape; however: SteelSeries has implemented an ambidextrous design that is acceptable for both left- and – right-handed users.

The low-end curve of this human body makes for a very comfortable mouse in front; its own comfy fit functions wonders darting around the desk. In reality, this is definitely among the most agreeable mice I have used — and it easily beats its own sibling in my book.

The build materials create a strong however feather-like physique, with the focus obviously geared toward weight loss. The Sensei 310 weighs only a mere 92g. Regrettably, this will come at a price: the Sensei lacks any true sense of luxuriousness. The matte plastic body simply can not contend with all the ROG Gladius II or the Corsair M65. There’s also no burden modification accessible – if you are after something thicker, you are out of luck.

The design is business as normal, using an illuminated SteelSeries image on the front, along with an RGB scroll wheel resting between the left and right clicks. You will also discover a DPI toggle here, though it’s a pity to not see two buttons for increased control. The cable attaches on the peak of the mouse. Regrettably, it is non-braided and non-removable – not actually a problem, but only a bit disappointing for a mouse of this price.

Every side of the mouse bends inwards and utilizes textured rubber for grip. Additionally, there are two buttons on both sides of the human body which could be reassigned in the default backwards and forward settings, if so wanted.

Performance and applications

In regards to tracking functionality, the Sensei 310 is equally as good as it gets. Sharing the exact same 12,000 DPI sensor as the Rival 310 results at exactly the identical class-leading performance. Its sleek and elegant slide mirrors your intentions into a tee.

I have spent time enjoying PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, along with the Sensei, has become the ideal companion. It darts around the desk with elegance, and as a result of its lightweight, grippy character, it is fantastic to get flick-shots too. When it’s fast melee struggles about the school roof or even long-range engagements with scoped rifles, the Sensei delivers the assurance to engage enemy targets.

The SteelSeries Engine software forces customization choices aboard the Sensei, and it is very practical. It’s possible to fix the DPI, alter the switch bindings and change the RGB lighting.

My problems with the applications are large regarding usability and aesthetics. Each sub coating opens into a new tab, and also a few choices are hidden off and need scrolling to achieve. The UI should use screen space better to create a cleaner appearance and one that is more intuitive to use. I am nit-picking, sure, but finally, Corsair’s CUE and Razer’s most up-to-date Synapse get the work done to a high standard.

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Steel Series Sensei 310

At the moment, the Sensei 310 is my favourite SteelSeries mouse. It is exquisitely comfortable to use, glides to be an Olympic figure skater, also provides class-leading performance. The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a true gaming winner.

  • Shaped for lefties and righties alike.
  • Attractive, solid design, yet lightweight.
  • Support for acceleration, deceleration, angle snapping.
  • Hair-trigger Omron switches along with the great optical sensor.
  • Best for big hands.
  • Non-braided cord.
  • Ho-hum macro editor.
  • Only two DPI configurations.
  • No more lift-distance control.
  • Can not sync lighting for the two light zones easily.s
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