Steel Series Rival 710


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  • RGB lighting according to industry standard
  • Innovative modular design.
  • Trendy OLED screen
  • Individual adaptation

The Steel Rival 710 has a unique look. The integrated LED display shows a variety of different functions (including mouse settings). It is also possible to display some special images with the mouse. These can be downloaded from the different Steel series.

A special highlight is this gaming mouse with the integrated vibration function. This allows warning messages to be transferred to the mouse by sensors. These “movement messages” can be individually adjusted from intensity to vibration pattern.

Technically speaking, the Rival 710 is a modular mouse. It offers a modular design with various functions such as colour illumination, OLED display, adjustable DPI and much more. The mouse has a CPI (count per inch) of up to 16,000 and of course it is possible to combine other sensors with this mouse. As it is a modular design, the replacement of accessories is as easy as replacing a memory module with your own computer.

The biggest disadvantage of the Rival 710 is the price. The modular design is a fine thing, but the modules themselves are very expensive, just like the mouse.

This is what users say: the mouse is rated 3.9 stars on Amazon. Many users praise the high-quality workmanship of the mouse and the ability to control both sensors separately. In addition, each key can be configured as desired. Users complain about the glue used to hold the mouse together, which has a negative effect on the durability.

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Steel Series Rival 710

Rival is currently the most popular gaming mouse from the Steel Series. The Steel Series is considered the most popular in the e-sports sector. Thanks to its excellent mouse design, it has gained great recognition among gamers around the world.

  • Vibration - warning messages are transmitted to the mouse by sensors
  • RGB lighting according to industry standard.
  • Innovative modular design.
  • Trendy OLED screen, offers a pleasing design option.
  • Individual adaptation of the mouse to your own requirements possible.
  • No left or ambidextrous option available.
  • The price is relatively high.
  • Modules are useful, but also somewhat expensive.
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