Steel Series Rival 600


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  • Stunning design
  • Accurate sensor
  • Pretty lighting
  • Tunable weights

The SteelSeries Rival 600 requires the SteelSeries know-how and tries to provide even more-refined variations of their G502’s finest attributes. The Rival 600 looks amazing, feels fantastic, provides almost unparalleled functionality and provides some of the slickest customization choices available on the industry.

Is it be easier than the mouse it is aiming to unseat? Not. The program is a bit less intuitive than it may be, and handling the weights is much more of a nuisance than I had been anticipating. But, those are pretty much exactly the very serious criticisms I could muster. In the event the Rival 600 is not the best gaming mouse on the current market, it is at least at the maximum echelon, and it preserves the exacting criteria to that SteelSeries lovers have grown used.


The very first thing I discovered about the Rival 600 is the fact that it is stylish. With 2 RGB LED strips bogged down the mouse centre, an illuminated SteelSeries emblem on the hand’s rest, two grooved face buttons along with a contoured scroll wheel, the more Rival 600 is angular and appealing without moving over the surface. Better yet, it’s a removable cable, so you won’t use the cable out in case you have to travel with this. (The cable is not braided, but I am at the”metal wires are fine, but not mandatory” Circle )

Apart from the buttons mentioned previously, there is also a dots-per-inch (DPI) density adjuster only under the scroll wheel, along with three thumb buttons: 2 horizontal ones directly in which the thumb generally sits along with one diagonal one facing both. I have admittedly not seen a button positioning such as this earlier, but it is not awful; it only requires a bit getting used to.

The most advanced feature of the Rival 600 comes from its elastic weights. Every side of the Rival 600 is magnetized, and you’re able to detach them by turning the mouse pulling gently. It is an ingenious system which retains the side panels securely in position during play sessions, and the pits on the topside are almost invisible.

The weights are helpful, but finagling them the place is a true pain.

On the flip side, the weights are a mixed bag. You will find eight steel, 4-gram weights, and you’ll be able to slide them slots, four to each side. You are able to keep the mouse fast and light, give it some heft, or perhaps prefer one side over the other.

The weights are helpful, but finagling them the place is a true pain. For any reason, you will either lock them set up on the first attempt or struggle fruitlessly since they fall outside (and get lost on your carpeting ) over and over again. Should you have to correct the weights just once, it is no issue, but if you would rather various profiles for various games, then it is going to be a constant aggravation.


SteelSeries creates a large to-do concerning the truth the 600 will automatically calibrate its liftoff space according to your surface. This might be a blessing to players, and it will really keep your goal relatively straight and accurate even in the event that you lift your mouse a good deal. Nevertheless, in my testing, I did not discover this attribute had much impact one way or another about the ordinary player (specifically, me).

For the typical things – button programming and lighting – it is possible to visit the SteelSeries Engine 3 applications. This system introduces a fresh, navigable interface which allows you to reprogram some of the mouse buttons and create the peripheral lighting upward in various attractive patterns. You could even correct the DPI, app macros, join profiles together with matches etc.

The Rival 600 is angular and attractive without going over the top.

The button and profile functionalities are extremely simple, although SteelSeries still permits just two DPI modes each profile. On the flip side, it means they will really program profiles for numerous matches instead of simply having a single jack-of-all-trades profile with, say, four or even five different DPI settings.

On the other hand, the light isn’t quite as simple as it might be. The Rival 600 contains six different light zones, but the app chooses only one of these. Therefore, you might be revolved around using a light pattern for a long time before realizing that it applies just to the scroll wheel. It is simple enough to replicate patterns, but it nevertheless needs some trial and error you won’t experience with similar applications from Razer, either Logitech or Corsair.

Creating your own patterns may also be a fraught procedure. I made an extremely appealing dark-blue-purple-light-blue cycle to accompany my StarCraft sessions, but it kept snapping back into the beginning of the pattern instead of fading before I left it to loop. Again, this is a minor criticism, but it does not apply to a few of the Rival 600’s competitions.


The Rival 600 performs games extremely well, but this should not surprise anybody who has picked up a SteelSeries mouse in the previous three or four decades. Having an easy-to-grip layout on the exterior and also a Pixart TrueMove 3 optical detector on the interior, the Rival 600 allows for a vast array of moves and paths actions in-game correctly.

Considering that the mouse layout, SteelSeries is likely hoping the 600 will select up some grip with the esports audience. My tests suggest that it is excellent for both FPS and RTS games, but if it could perform at the greatest levels is something which the pros and semipros might need to select themselves. Its sleek body and removable cord, in the least, make it a feasible choice.

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Steel Series Rival 600

The SteelSeries Rival 600 is a stunning and operational mouse using a bevvy of additional features which should appeal to both the esports audience and players who prefer to customize their gear. It does not break any new ground in peripheral design, but it is among the very best in what it does. {To give it a backhanded (but real) compliment, it is easily the second-best generalist gaming mouse in the industry at the moment.

  • Stunning design
  • Accurate sensor
  • Pretty lighting
  • Tunable weights
  • Weights are a little finicky
  • A Couple of software quirks
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