Logitech G604 Lightspeed


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  • Hero 16K sensor.
  • 15 Programmable Buttons
  • Powerful 2.4GHz wireless connection
  • Tunable Weight
  • Decent cost for a wireless mouse.

Is it possible to have a gaming mouse ever have too many buttons? Fans of MMOs, MOBAs, plan games–anything with cooldowns–could say, “Never.” With that spirit in mind, Logitech’s brand new mouse, the G604 Lightspeed, is a wireless MMO- or battle-royale-style mouse that sets six macro buttons beneath your thumb. Though it does not have as many buttons as its ancestor, the G600, it is a rare addition to some type of mice which we do not see as often as we did, and a few of those only wireless choices to boot. Alas, however, the G604 might not be the mouse that WoW and DOTA players are dreaming about even though it has plenty of excellent features, its strangely humped body form headlines a listing of issues which keep the device more than just a couple of steps from MMO stardom.

Buttons are everywhere

The right-handed G604 Lightspeed Wireless comes with an incredible 15 input. The tilt inputs–an old-is-new-again feature I have seen re-emerge on several mice throughout the past couple of months–include two customizable inputs by pressing on the side of the scroll wheel in either way. It is a surprisingly helpful addition I actually enjoy for quick-to-tap macro buttons in matches and as a navigational tool in Chrome along with other programs.

The top panel also includes two buttons under the scroll wheel, one which toggles the wheel involving a free twist and a segmented scroll, and you for switching between wireless manners and pairing Bluetooth.

Then there would be the side buttons, the star of this series. There are just six macro buttons around the different side of this mouse, closely clustered in two rows of 3. The buttons jut out of the body as thin rectangles, which makes it simpler to keep tabs on exactly what button you are resting to stop mis-clicks. The base of each button has a small curve, allowing for a natural drawing movement from the base to the surface.

However, this applies just to the base row of buttons, since the upper three are so closely packed that it is not possible to have under them. I would not call them the most comfortable buttons from the planet; however, they’re simple to navigate, that’s the priority when you have this many inputs in this tight area.

Internally, the G604 Lightspeed includes Logitech’s Hero 16K detector, and that, as its name implies, tracks up to 16,000dpi as quickly as 400 inches per minute. The mouse is a bit on the hefty side–4.8 oz including the battery indoors –so that you might not be flying about as quickly as you would using a mouse. Nonetheless, it’s still fast and precise enough to play in many games, such as the MOBAs and RPGs it had been created for.

On the Downside

The components and buttons are fine, but the remainder of the G604 has a few difficulties. First and foremost is the true form of this mouse.

Possessing a sweet place, a little hump at which the knuckle of the pointer finger ought to proceed, can make a mouse comfy and direct your hands right into position. The Logitech gets the elevation, but it’s flat across the centre, which means that your hands rest more or less level.

This appears to maintain your mind poised to use the side buttons, but it did not feel comfortable or natural for my maybe not especially huge palms. When holding the mouse obviously, my thumb hardly reaches the little thumb wing during its base. (The thumb wing remains a powerful feature, however, since it provides my thumb somewhere to rest without grasping the mouse too closely.)

To make things worse, the base of the mouse includes a steep incline and does not possess the exact same rubberized grip as the middle and sides, so that I found my hands would slip right down the trunk. This is to underline how the ungripped panel in the base is removable: There is a place to store the G604’s wireless dongle, and it provides you access to this AA battery casing.

I have had the battery for a couple of weeks and have utilized the G604 as my main mouse for around a week, and have not needed to replace it. Generally, I favour recharging to a replacement, but when the battery lasts as long as Logitech states, it will not be a problem frequently.


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Logitech G604 Lightspeed

Your power, your control. Conquer MOBA, MMO, and Battle Royale gameplay using the designed G604 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse. 15 programmable controls combine forces with ultra-fast LIGHTSPEED double connectivity along with also the class-leading HERO 16K detector. It is a multi-faceted battle weapon which lets you play more, play, and also make your play.

  • Powerful 2.4GHz wireless connection
  • Tons of buttons, such as scroll-wheel tilt input.
  • Remarkable Hero 16K sensor.
  • Decent cost for a wireless mouse.
  • Not comfortable high form
  • Slippery base panel.
  • Powered by AA battery.
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