Logitech G403 Hero


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  • Lightsync RGB
  • Ergonomic Form
  • Hero 16K sensor
  • Advanced performance
  • Supreme comfort and quality

Logitech is obviously offering players many different mice in various shapes and sizes. Back in 2016, Logitech introduced the brand new Prodigy series, not a remix of twisted fire starter but instead the G403 ergonomic gaming mouse. Together with the G403 Logitech produced a safe, comfortable form and outfitted it with a few superior specifications.

The G403 is really a wonderful simple mouse which you could tell will be comfy to grip by simply looking in its gentle curves and slopes. It fits in the hand fine and includes a PMW3366 sensor that’s still considered as one of the greater sensors available on the industry.

Size & Weight

The G403 is a medium-sized mouse match for any right hand. Its a rather chunky mouse but does not feel big from the hand like a few because of its layout. The mouse feels ideal for gripping and any traction may be used but should you have larger hands and hands grip, your palms may pop over the border somewhat but assess our hand-size manual to find out whether the G403 is harmonious. It is supremely comfy to hold in contrast to this FPS Guru, and this is because of feeling slightly wider over the surface.

Hence that the size could suit the masses and also the G403 includes a burden to coincide. At only 87 grams, it seems really light when swiping thanks to its chunky dimensions you never feel as if you could eliminate control. The weight could be customized, the G403 includes a 10g additional weight, and you’ll be able to insert this to the Logitech puck situated on the base of the mouse.

Shape & Texture

The G403’s contour is a secure and easy one but nevertheless manages to be tasteful. It sports an angular form with gentle, gentle curves turning to grooves to your palms. The Curvature of this mouse is fine and slow, giving it more of a bow shape from both sides and its contour is merely ergonomic. The right-hand slopes off very harshly which I enjoy because my ring and pinky finger wrap around the mouse obviously. The general shape is comfortable, easy to grasp and makes the mouse feel like having an expansion of the hands.

Logitech continues to utilize the specialized coating around the G403. It is a matte black smooth plastic that’s a lot easier to wash compared to soft-touch material some producers use. The plastic does not have an effect on traction because of the ergonomic form, but it’s slippy into the touch.


The G403 utilizes Omron developed buttons which give around 20 million clicks. They’ve got a minimal actuation and are put right beneath the principal buttons to attain this. The main buttons are different from the remainder of the mouse casing and contain a really pleasing audible click when pressed. The mouse includes a wheel at its regular spot which you are able to program if you desire. The wheel is tactile using a very low volume noise when scrolling and includes a profound audible click sound.

There are a total of 6 programmable buttons around the G403, 2 of which are around the side on your thumb. The side buttons look big and clunky, but they’re in fact quite responsive and have Omron buttons beneath so you’re getting some fantastic side buttons. They’re not hard to achieve with my head without needing to adjust my grasp.


The G403 comes with a 2.1-metre extended cable. It is braided for additional protection; however, the braiding is quite a rough feel which makes it more likely to snag on peripherals or your own desk. Logitech is the best at making sure that the mouse is ready to go in the off, they wrap the cable around the square case maintaining the cable comparatively bend free.

Sensor & Performance

Logitech applied the PWM3366 optical sensor to the G403 that’s an all-round sensor that was great. It felt fantastic to use, the sensor was smooth, and it did not matter if I had been making little slow moves or fast large ones that the sensor stayed strong and did not let me down. You may use it in 200 DPI around 12,000 that you’ll be able to alter from the computer software. I didn’t observe any jitter, as well as the sensor, stayed exact with no lag through testing. The G403 may have a polling rate of 1000Hz which makes it super responsive as you’d anticipate a gaming mouse in order to be.

Gaming with this sensor is easy, and when you pair this with all the fantastic ergonomic contour, you get a comfy mouse which may perform on almost any surface. The shape has been excellent and decided to target in-game as I discovered this mouse really simple to transition into. The textured sides provided great traction and that I never lost control whilst browsing or playing. The G403 performed across all games that I attempted, but the legitimate power of this mouse is located in FPS titles as a result of the precise sensor and ergonomic form.


Logitech’s G-hub program is superb; it is user-friendly, responsive and that I do not need to log in! It’s possible to fix the DPI from the program, but it’s already preprogrammed and stored on the onboard memory. When the DPI is altered now, you can hit on the DPI button, saving you the frustration of entering the program. There is not a profile with this mouse in order to change profiles that you may need to go in the program as I do not believe that you can program the other people to execute this purpose.

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Logitech G403 Hero

The G403 out of Logitech provides you a comfortable ergonomic shape with a few excellent specifications and features beneath. It's a well-designed form and it stays comfortable even after extensive gaming sessions that's almost always a big plus. It includes exceptional specifications, the sensor remains a brilliant choice . It is a feature-packed deal and well worth a try!

  • Ergonomic Form - Sits at the hand well.
  • Sensor - Highly observed sensor
  • High Quality - Properly constructed and feels strong.
  • Software - Intuitive and user friendly.
  • Grip - No rubber or grips on the side.
  • Design - Simple and plain
  • Right-handed only
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