Corsair Nightsword RGB


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  • Customizable weight system
  • Software integration.
  • Extra thumb support.
  • Powerful sensor
  • Comfortable grips
  • Smooth performance
  • Optimal RGB light placement.

While the plan is a little too familiar, the Corsair Nightsword RGB is a fantastic big gaming mouse using tunable weights.

Whether the Nightsword is a homage or a copycat largely depends upon how much you really enjoy its bells and whistles. The light is slightly bit more powerful compared to G502, and there is a more textured surface region and the mouse complete is somewhat larger. But past that, it is difficult not to feel as though we had seen this design before — and, as I pointed out in my G502 Wireless inspection, there’ve been better mouse layouts since then.

None of this takes away from the simple fact that the Nightsword is basically a fantastic mouse, yet. It is comfy, versatile and competent. You obtain a high-quality sensor, lots of programs and powerful applications. It is just something you have seen previously, at precisely the exact same cost.


As mentioned previously, the Nightsword seems very like the G502. If you have noticed that mouse imagine the G502 made to get a slightly larger hand, and you need to find a fairly good picture in mind. If you have large hands, you also are able to play either a hand or hands grip.

The button layout can also be practical, if recognizable. Under that, you will find two buttons which, by default, change profiles. (The Nightsword includes three onboard profiles, or as long as you care to a program to a pc.) On top of the left side, you will find two buttons to correct dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity, and also on both flip sides, there are two little thumb buttons in addition to a bigger”sniper” button under them. It appears almost like this G502’s button design, save for the fact that you simply can not correct the scroll wheel’s resistance.

The Nightsword includes a bright, comfy layout, even when the weighting process is somewhat arcane. It is just uncomfortably comfortable in a few important ways.


The Nightsword runs around the Corsair Utility Engine (iCUE) applications, which is somewhat labyrinthine, but exceptionally functional overall. With it, you can correct the DPI (around 18,000), produce profiles for individual matches, play the RGB lighting, app buttons and much more. Since the Nightsword is a superior mouse, you may even tune it into a number of different surfaces, and also automatically keep track of the weights you remove and add.

The DPI index is one place where the Nightsword retains a definite edge over the G502, particularly because it may change colour when you trigger the sniper-style. I am not certain why you can just program two colours within this zone, yet; it might have been quite valuable to program each DPI degree using another colour since you can perform on other Corsair mice.

The weights are another defining characteristic of this Nightsword, plus they have got their ups and downs, as explained previously. If you prefer one definite weight and never wish to change it, then you are going to be fine; should you tweak weights frequently, you are in for a tedious procedure.


I analyzed the Nightsword with many different PC games. Zipping throughout an Overwatch battle as Tracer was equally as beautiful as pummeling Protoss drives using a Zerg military in StarCraft: Remastered.

The Nightsword was exact enough to direct a celebration in Baldur’s Gate: Improved Edition, or mill outside Horde quests in World of Warcraft. It’s enough buttons to install MMO macros, but a traditional enough layout which you are able to eschew additional said buttons entirely in the event that you would like.

6.5 Total Score
Corsair Nightsword RGB

The CORSAIR Nightsword RGB Performance Tunable Gaming Mouse has a cutting edge 18,000 DPI optical sensor, complex weight calibration plus a real time center of gravity detection system. The Corsair Nightsword RGB includes the flash and attributes of a best-in-class wired gaming mouse, but its own unwieldy shape will save you from loving them.

  • Light-weight system with software integration. Extra thumb support. Powerful sensor with high frequency level setting. Optimal RGB light placement.
  • Best for large hands only. Shape and rubber grip make your hands slide off easily and the scroll wheel is a little far.
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