Corsair Glaive RGB Pro


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  • Ergonomic righty design
  • Advanced software package
  • Swappable side grips add variety
  • Unbelievable PixArt PMW3391 optical sensor

Corsair has upgraded its Glaive RGB gaming mouse, transforming it in the brand new Glaive RGB Pro. At first glance, both mice seem almost equal; however, the Glaive RGB Pro has a small shift in layout, with additional rubber one of the synonymous side grips, along with another DPI switch. Indoors, in addition, it comes with an updated optical sensor, switching out of a Pixart PWM3367 into some Pixart PMW3391.

The newest Corsair Glaive RGB Professional begins at $69, although the normal Glaive RGB has its cost reduced to make space for the new version. The Glaive RGB Pro cost places it in a close contest with a number of the greatest gaming mice in the marketplace.

Corsair Glaive RGB Pro – Design and Features

Even though it has an extremely curious mix of black vinyl, shiny plastic, rubber, soft-touch-coated vinyl, and also a slick-looking aluminum front mount, it manages to avoid appearing like a mess of materials.

The hands of this mouse transitions into both main mouse switches, with gentle touch coating onto this entire segment. The surfaces of the mouse utilize a black plastic using diamond-shaped rubber grips which work for hands-on and claw grips equally.

The left-side thumb grip is really synonymous with three distinct grips as well as the mouse. While all 3 side grips comprised rubberized portions now around, just one felt as it provided sufficient overhang for my head to get below and pick the mouse up. The swappable sides will also be tamer compared to Razer Naga Trinity’s. They simply alter the shapes of this mouse, as both thumb buttons are constructed in over the side plate.

They bend upward and do not feel like the kind I would need on a mouse when I was planning to leave it loose at a sloppy backpack. Nevertheless, this is frequently true on mice which have a gap beneath the mouse buttons, and it is a lot of mice, so it is not a significant detractor. Additionally, the 6-foot braided USB cable comes with an attached velcro tie; therefore, clean portability is an alternative.

Together with RGB in the title, there is obviously some fancy light happening also. As these are the primary lighting zones, the mouse also includes 5 DPI placing lights, which have fundamental RGB customization too.

The colour purity is somewhat suspicious, however, as I place the front zone to inactive white and it had a solid blue tint to it. Together with the negative zones turned away, I might also see the light in the DPI signs bleeding throughout the left-side light strip.

Corsair Glaive RGB Pro – Software

Corsair’s iCUE usefulness is somewhat difficult to use, but getting beyond the confusion, it gives substantial customization of this Glaive RGB Pro. The computer software enables angle snapping and improved header precision (both lefts deactivated for gaming), and it’s a surface calibration instrument to ensure appropriate monitoring on various mouse pads. In addition, it allows remapping mouse switches and setting up macros.

From iCUE, you may pick 5 DPI settings and a Sniper Mode setting, and then choose mild colours to the DPI configurations with an optional additional colour to signify Sniper Mode. Setting up different light zones is somewhat tricky, as every zone requires its own filter to be manipulated separately from the other zones. But once recognized, the consequences are easy enough to execute.

Corsair Glaive RGB Pro – Gaming

A gaming mouse needs to excel where gaming is concerned, as well as also the Corsair Glaive RGB Pro certainly does. Considering its specs, this is not a great deal of surprise. Obviously, the mouse supports a 1000Hz polling speed.

While I really don’t find the necessity to go as large as 18000DPI, the choice to pick a specific DPI setting is valued. I have analyzed the Cooler Master MM830, also it inexplicably only enables 200DPI increments, which kept me away from having the ability to use my favorite 2500DPI setting for gaming.

All this is to state the sensor holds up. I add several hours of Apex Legends with the Glaive RGB Pro, and that I felt as precise as I’ve ever been.

At long ranges, the monitoring was smooth and exact enough to create minor alteration and get enemies within my sights even when they had been just a few pixels on my screen and also much for me to really try shooting. At a match of Battlefield V’s Firestorm style, I did figure out how to track a participant in an island roughly 250 meters off and property a potshot using a StG 44 assault rifle along with holo sight.

The button encounter is likewise excellent. The main mouse switches have a constant actuation across all of the regions fingers are very likely to break. The keys are nicely positioned, easy to achieve, and just as easy to press, which makes them dependable from the heat of struggle.

If something actually feels, it’s simple to test and see that I am on the ideal DPI setting, also when I am not, I could change straight to it without needing to bicycle all the way through the rest of the settings.

The sole shortcoming in gaming functionality is that the scroll wheel, and it is only a little thing. The scroll wheel is a good deal heavier than the other mouse buttons, which may make it difficult to rely on melee strikes or other skills that you are very likely to want to utilize desperately. The notches are not amazingly perceptible, and therefore are somewhat inconsistent, therefore using the scroll wheel for precise thing changing in a match such as Fortnite does not work nicely.

6.5 Total Score
Corsair Glaive RGB Pro

The CORSAIR GLAIVE RGB PRO gaming mouse combines high performance with high comfort, developed using a contoured shape designed for extended gaming sessions along with an ultra-accurate, gaming-grade 18,000 DPI optical sensor.

  • Ergonomic righty design
  • Advanced software package
  • Swappable side grips add variety
  • Unbelievable PixArt PMW3391 optical sensor
  • Does not appeal to all grips
  • RGBs can easily get hot
  • Expensive price tag
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