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Gaming mice for FPS games are not overly showy; they do not have the other side buttons; it is possible to find on committed MMO mice, and they generally just have two side switches. What is more significant is the way the mouse works. If it comes to deciding on a mouse to your requirements, you also need to feel comfortable catching it and moving it around correctly.

We have reviewed over 60 mice up to now, and beneath are our best choices for the best FPS gaming mouse in numerous classes.

Best Wireless FPS Mouse: Razer Viper Ultimate

The best FPS mouse using a wireless link that we have tested so far is your Razer Viper Ultimate. This superb wireless gaming mouse features a rather non-descript and straightforward layout and is totally black with RGB light on the emblem and mouse wheel. It seems well-made and ought to be comfy enough for many marathon gaming sessions. It is well-suited for claw traction for everybody except people who have extra-large palms, and it is very lightweight for a non-honeycomb mouse. If you’d like something much more lightweight, you might also need to take into account the standard Razer Viper, that performs equally but is somewhat lighter and includes a cable.

Its performance is exceptional, and it’s extremely low click latency when employed either wirelessly or wired. Its maximum CPI is among the highest we have ever seen, although sadly the CPI mistake was great while using the mouse and it is a whole lot more precise with rapid movements. In the event you decide to utilize the mouse wired, then it includes one of Razer’s newer wires that are a lot more elastic and keep fewer kinks in their packaging, so that you should not observe any drag in your own desk, and this is good.

Regrettably, the mouse wheel does not have L/R tilt buttons, which means that you can not do horizontal scrolling or app them for things like moving back and forth in an internet browser. That having been said, each button on the mouse is customizable inside Razer’s good Synapse 3 applications, and you’ll be able to decide on a HyperShift button to allow a different layer of switches. In general, it is a superb wireless gaming mouse which has excellent performance and needs to be lightweight and comfortable enough for even the longest of gaming marathons.


If you’d like a great wireless FPS gaming mouse but do not wish to spend as much, get the Logitech G305. It is a little heavier than the Razer Viper Ultimate; also it is not rechargeable, but it works almost as well and is a whole lot cheaper. It’s a straightforward ambidextrous design with six programmable buttons, and its software can be used with both Windows and macOS, including Razer’s Synapse software. Regrettably, it is not quite as comfy, even though it ought to be acceptable for the identical grip kinds and hand dimensions since the Razer.

If you do not need to need to manage AA batteries or desire something which weighs less, proceed with all the Razer, but if you would like to save a little cash and want once of the best mice for CSGO or some other FPS, get the Logitech.

Best Wired FPS Mouse: Razer DeathAdder V2

The best FPS mouse using a cable that we have analyzed so far is that the Razer DeathAdder V2. It sports Razer’s recently designed cable that’s a lot more elastic and preserves much fewer kinks in the packaging, in addition to generating less drag on the desk. It seems really well-built and contains a timeless and straightforward black layout with RGB lighting onto the emblem and mouse wheel.

Like previous models, this mouse is quite comfortable and has a small slant which makes it better-suited for use. It’s easy to hold at any grip kind, though little hands will probably only be able to reach the side buttons when utilizing a handgrip. The performance is exceptional, with an extremely low click latency plus a broad adjustable CPI array so that you may fine-tune the mouse to meet your preferences.

There are two programmable side switches, along with two DPI buttons on top of the mouse that may also be reprogrammed. Regrettably, the scroll wheel does not have L/R tilt buttons; however, you can schedule the down and up scrolls, providing you with a total of ten programmable input signal, which is excellent. In general, it really is a fantastic improvement over previous models, and its comfy design combined with exceptional performance makes it among the greatest mice we have tested up to now, and also the ideal option for FPS gaming.


If you just spent all your cash on a brand-new gaming rig and need a lot less costly mouse that still plays good, proceeds with all the SteelSeries Rival 3. It does not perform quite in addition to the Razer DeathAdder V2, and its form is not as appropriate for palm grip for individuals with bigger hands, but it is a whole lot more affordable, and its companion program is totally compatible with macOS in addition to Windows. While it feels really well-built, it does not feel quite as strong, and its own cable is a lot more stiff and rigid. Its click latency is greater, but still quite low, and while its maximum CPI is lower at 8500, we anticipate this to be more than large enough for many people. This mouse is a superb solution for lovers of claw traction, as it may be used easily with this grip with no hand size.

In general, if you would like the best performance irrespective of cost, then proceed with all the Razer, however, if you’re searching for a good performing FPS mouse which costs much less, get the SteelSeries.

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We were variable in the cost (a less costly mouse wins more than a more pricey one if the distinction is not worthwhile ), comments from our customers, and accessibility (no mice that are tough to discover or nearly out of stock everywhere).

If you’d like to perform the job of picking yourself, then here is the listing of our reviews of mice. Be cautious to not get overly involved in the information. While no mouse is ideal for each and every usage, many mice are good enough to please nearly everybody, and the gaps are often not evident unless you look for them.

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